Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wet Cereal

I've had sick kids off and on for a week and a half.  It wasn't too bad with Tessa now with Lilly and Eli it's been a little hairy but there isn't puke so for that I am most thankful!  

Unfortunately even when kids are sick (unless there is puke) life must go on.  So yesterday I continued with a meeting that was booked a month ago.  Meeting sounds very official, and it kind of was, but it's fun when a meeting is with a friend, so it was sort of coffee and chatting too.  Anyway Eli didn't wake up until just after 9 am and my meeting had already begun.  He cuddled for awhile with me then said he was hungry, or his tummy hurt or something like that.  I asked him if he wanted cereal "dry cereal?" he asked.  "Sure."  Not long after munching beside me for half an hour or so... "may I have wet cereal after my dry cereal?"  So cute.  

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