Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wet Cereal

I've had sick kids off and on for a week and a half.  It wasn't too bad with Tessa now with Lilly and Eli it's been a little hairy but there isn't puke so for that I am most thankful!  

Unfortunately even when kids are sick (unless there is puke) life must go on.  So yesterday I continued with a meeting that was booked a month ago.  Meeting sounds very official, and it kind of was, but it's fun when a meeting is with a friend, so it was sort of coffee and chatting too.  Anyway Eli didn't wake up until just after 9 am and my meeting had already begun.  He cuddled for awhile with me then said he was hungry, or his tummy hurt or something like that.  I asked him if he wanted cereal "dry cereal?" he asked.  "Sure."  Not long after munching beside me for half an hour or so... "may I have wet cereal after my dry cereal?"  So cute.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun Games

How many years have we waited to play "fun" games with our kids?  When Tessa and Boaz were younger we played... Hi ho Cherrieo, ABSeas, Candy Land and your whole assortment of really boring games.  Now with Lilly and Eli they have older siblings to play such games with and Tessa and Bo are ready for some fun games. We play Cadoo, and Uno, Cash Flow for Kids and games that actually take a little thought - I know still just a little.  But it's fun!  And I'm happy to be in this stage.  It's fun to take time during these Christmas days off to play with the kids... how blessed I am.!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Today is very close to Christmas, I love Christmas!  But for some reason I keep on thinking about spring and summer, flowers and BBQ's, camping and swimming, camp fires and s'mores, morning walks and berry picking.... ahhhh...... 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today I fasted.  Well just this morning really, I ate at noon.  But this morning I "felt" like I was supposed to "go without" breakfast and spend extra time in prayer.  My "time" with God was great!  Though I had moments where I felt quite gross because I was hungry, most of the morning was fine.  I talked to God, pleaded with God, read His words, cried and felt peace.  But at the end of the morning "nothing had happened."  I know that God doesn't work just because we do (magic formula enter here) and I know that He who knows all and sees all is working always, but I can't help but feel a little discouraged and let down.  

I know God uses kids to teach us so much and this morning was another example of that.  "Mighty God, faithful through the ages, Mighty God...." was going through Lilly's mind (and mouth) therefore it got to go through mine.  I know He is Mighty, I know He has good plans for me and I will trust Him.   

Monday, December 14, 2009

Four kids

It's funny really...  Sometimes I think that people get annoyed when I talk about life with four kids. Four kids are four kids.  It's three more than 1, double 2, and one more than 3.  

It is also half of 8.  I would quickly and readily agree that a home with eight kids, or seven or six or five.  Is totally different than mine.  Just a funny thing that I think about...

Another thing new here is that Dan and I gave ourselves a new video camera for pre-Christmas.  It had to come early for all the pre-Christmas things that we really want to have record of, but yes it is "the gift".  So merry Christmas to us!!  

It's crazy (again with the mentioning of four kids, maybe I do have a problem *smile*) with all these (I must say it) four kids I was so careful to get everything of Tessa and Bo's on video.  Then our camera kind of broke and felt really big so Lilly and Eli hardly have any of their baby hood recorded.  Eli is only three, but I almost believe that "it's too late." I know it's not, but I am excited to record all their memorable and not so memorable moments.  For them to see who they were and for me to be able to remember all these great moments that make up today!

We got our camera on the day of the Christmas home tour that I was a part of to raise money for missions.  So I was excited to walk around near the end of the day and video our home cleaner, and with more candles lit then ever before... clip by clip.  Well yesterday I decided to tidy up our memories and get them edited and on to a DVD.  Much to my horror, and Dan's amusement we found that I had about one second of each "scene."  I turned the camera OFF each time I wanted to record and ON for walking down hallways and stairs.  I guess colouring my hair dark didn't change the roots.  *smile*

Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

I know it's been a really long time since I was last on here.  I have come through a time of feeling overwhelmed with life!  Which translates into not knowing how to even express it... In the last few months God has continued to stretch me and teach me new things.  

Who am I?  How do I treat people? Are they safe with me even when they aren't around me? This is what I want friends to be sure of.  That they don't have to wonder if I am talking about them in anything other than the most positive light possible.   Of course as I teach Tessa about friends, the old adage "if they talk about someone with you, they talk about you with someone else" is one life's biggest lessons.  I know that Tessa will go through pain with this, but I hope for her that she can learn it early.  

So now that one of my life lessons is out of the way.... I am so excited because my entry way is finally, almost done.  We are definitely one of those 80% people.  I would say at least Dan is one of those people, but really I know that I am too.  Now that life has developed a sort of rhythm we are trying to finish up the 20% of work that is not finished on our house.  Of course the basement is a whole different story.  :)  I am actually still amazed at the amount of work it all is.  But on the positive side, 80% is more than enough done to full enjoy the fruits of our (Dan's) labour.  We have enjoyed having people in and feeling like we can accommodate so much more than we used to.  Seeing that we usually have 3 or 4 or 5 times the number of kids to adults and they aren't all little people anymore it is wonderful and we are so glad that we did the additions.  

It kind of feels good to be back, talking to myself, putting thoughts down, not knowing if they'll be read, and being kind of glad about that..... 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazy Life!

How can life get so crazy?  I actually shouldn't even be doing this right now... 2 kids are in the shower (wow do they get dirty) the other two need a shower... Dan is possibly bringing over "new" neighbors so I should be obsessing about my house... and I worked all day...mostly on an order for 700+ blinds, but as a mom too... piano lessons for the big two and even took the little two to the park for an hour and a half.

So I had my moments of angst, but I really did have moments of joy today too.  Love Chris Tomlin and had him on in the van... makes my 14 minute drive to town a pleasure and an awsome worship time.  Love my husband who worked like a dog for me my entryway :)  and am thankful for all the wonderful, stressful things in my life because they are where God has me at this time!

So I don't sound super spiritual, here's the dialogue sitting up to the table tonight.  Me "Am I kind of scary tonight?"  Bo "Ya!"  (I laugh, Dan laughs from the entryway) Bo "well you are..."  Of course I apologized.  Thank you Lord for giving us apologies.